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5 months ago
Why was I denied

I would like to know the specific reason for not being accepted into the build team.

5 months ago
Youtube Rank Application

I dunno some stupid child


5 months ago
Youtube Rank Application



dubizo more like give me youtube rank. NOW! I have 126 subscribers on my main account and a total of 2 on my epic builder one. NOw give TwO Youtube rank now gibes now I want builder or Youtube Rank epic pog. nowgib I report or make epic diss on luderia!

5 months ago
Builder Application (Denied)

Minecraft Username:



GMT +3 / BST (GMT +1) / GMT



Discord Username:


Have you ever worked with a build team in the past? If so what was your role and experience with said team(s)?

I have been part of a build team on a Minecraft Survival Server, I helped building the spawn (specifically boats, which is not the strongest point of my building). I was also the leader and creator of the build team for an event server spawn (for my guild). 

What is your knowledge and experience with tools such as WorldEdit and VoxelSniper?

I actively use WorldEdit and I am very familiar with the basic and slightly complicated commands assossiated with the plugin. I had used this in the Minecraft Survival Server, the spawn of the guild's server and I also use it privatly.

Images of Past Builds:
(sorry if the the following links don't work)

Why do you want to join the build team?

I want to help the community of the server and I want to add to my experience. As well as this I would like to help friends. And finally, I want to improve the luderia server for the better to (1) provide better maps for the gameplay, (2) make the server more interesting (not only in the pvp spectrum).

What is your greatest strength?

Personally, I think I am very good at freestyling builds, this being because of my creativity. I can also communicate very well with other people (builders). I terms of building a I am very good in the suburban style of builds.

On average how many hours a day/week can you spend building?

I can spend anywhere from 10-16 hours a week possibly even more.