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Rubberdonkey123's Moderator application (Accepted)

Minecraft Username: Rubberdonkey123 , as you know, ive been very active within the server and have a 200+ killstreak at the moment.

Timezone: GMT - i am currently living in england , near London, the server is actually fairly close to me if i am not mistaken!

Age: Currently im 15.

Discord Username: AHAHAHAHAhAHAHAHAHAHA#4853 , i can change this for ease of access if need be.

Moderating experience: infact i do have a lot of moderating and ownership experience, i owned two java servers, these servers were indeed quite successful, i gained alot of experience by first starting on a bedrock realm server called Mossykitpvp then made my own factions, and kitpvp on Java, these servers were unfortuantely DDOS'd until i couldnt handle them anymore as they were down the majority of the time. At peak times my servers would bring in 120 - 150 players each.

Knowledge of Luderia: im quite the experienced player on Luderia and have a good track record for being friendly with alot of the playerbase, i have alot of time on Luderia as Dubzo and Clan know, ive helped out with cheaters and such before aswell.

Languages i speak : i speak some russian but not alot, mainly english, but i feel this wouldnt affect my ability because the vast majority of the playerbase on luderia speak fluent english as its a widely known , if not universal language.

My greatest strength: i feel like doing well under pressure is my greatest strength, times like people using bots on the server and such is indeed scary but easily can be handled. rationalising things down to small steps helps with this and makes it an easy task overall. My greatest weakness would be not being able to recognise when i have said something i shouldnt of, or gone to far within a joke. this i need to improve on for definite.

My ability to work on a team: i feel like im a very cooperative person, i like contributing to big projects with tasks that everyone can work on, this is again a strength for me as im very cooperative and open-minded about ideas and how said ideas would work. 

Experience with hacks: i have alot of experience with hacks and hackers, mainly because i have owned , moderated and admined servers before, on top of that i own a hack client for an anarchy server called 0b0t and also 2b2t, i have banned , temp banned and ip banned multiple people before for using illegal clients and moderations to their minecraft clients and launchers for a wide advantage of things, like fly, killaura, reach hacks, aim assist, aimbot, bowaimbot, spam bots, botting, spoofing of ping and so on.

recording at 720p 60fps: i can indeed as i have OBS and my PC is fully capable of recording , especially with a game like minecraft.

Mistake i made within this year: I lost a friend to natural causes about 3 years ago (i know its not last year im sorry) and my mistake was not spending enough time with her because the time passes more and more and i regret not seeing her more, or taking my time to atleast say hello over the phone. what i learnt is how precious time is in the current day.

hobbies outside of minecraft: I skateboard alot and have a job, i also enjoy the game CSGO alot as its unlike any other game. with the recoil patterns and such.

The hours i can spend moderating a week: each week i can spend atleast 10 hours or more moderating depending on how much the server needs the moderation, as some weeks its 8-10 people and some weeks its none.

Scenario: The hacker takes upmost priority as the playerbase as much as their questions can be important the hacker can ruin things people have been working on for weeks and even months, like a killstreak or a insane armor set. The questions will be answered accordingly but the NSFW post in discord is easy to get rid of quicxkly and thats the thing that will deal the second most amount of harm especially to younger players. Examples of the questions arent put in the scenario so i dont know if theyre inappropriate or not. i will go through each question with intent to answer them as best as possible. some questions may be missed due to the amount there are but if they want to private message me about them if its that important then my DM's are always open.

Rules: i have read the rules of the server.